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Odwiedzalność jaskiń

Odwiedzalność poszczególnych jaskiń przez ostatnie 10 lat

Demianowska Jaskinia Lodowa6525069379704687202970769740087705479853747493490
Demianowska Jaskinia Wolności980001043539859410307811126110928712814411990811564331662
Dobszyńska Jaskinia Lodowa5229757487584565776461175697498031387132821115736
Jaskinia Bielańska8679496285964051019571030329112712648512843714074935205
Jaskinia Brestovska000000304110853107262454
Jaskinia Bystrianska1806518008189231788122574229612563628294294747646
Jaskinia Gombasecka8295819682567116885598151135014543131333379
Jaskinia Harmanecka1470517927190701713517425197592043419540188851157
Jaskinia Jasovska1107713810148511498216454177981708920621187043379
Jaskinia Vażecka1558915520152281482418164179581946419887195433793
Ochtińska Jaskinia Aragonitowa2255123695220872037523993274302873435463313215154

Domica Cave closed

We are telling visitors that the Domica Cave will be closed on 13 June 2019 - 14 June 2019 from 09:00 to 16:00 due to interruption of electricity supply. Thank you for understanding.

Road reconstruction to Ochtiná Aragonite Cave

Dear visitors,
a complete reconstruction of the access road to the Ochtiná Aragonite Cave will be done from April 8 to June 30, 2019 in the part from the Hrádok Hotel to cave parking lot. You can park at the Hrádok Hotel, then you will be able to continue to the cave on foot. The distance is approximately 1 km. The cave is operated by the normal schedule. We shall inform you in case of an earlier end of reconstruction. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Underground boat trip in Domica Cave not available.

24.07.2018 Due to bad conditions of underground water the boat trip in Domica Cave is not available. The short tour is available.

Thank you for understanding.

Odwiedzić jaskinię z małymi dziećmi

Dear visitors, due to increased visitation of parents with very small children (circa up to 3 - 4 years of age), we would like to kindly ask you to have a rucksack baby carrier with you for visiting the more demanding caves in given time. The most concerned are the following caves: Demänovská Cave of Liberty, Belianska Cave, Dobšinská Ice Cave, Demänovská Ice Cave, Harmanecká Cave. We also ask you to consider visiting the cave with your crying child, which could disturb the other visitors. Thank you for understanding and we wish you a nice experience.

Przewodniki po trasiach wycieczki do pobrania

Drodzy Odwiedzający, przewodniki po trasiach wycieczki w jaskiniach jest dostępny do pobrania.


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