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Dead Bats’ Cave

The Dead Bats’ Cave belongs among the largest and most important high mountain caves in Slovakia. It is situated in the central part of the Low Tatras in the Ďumbier high mountain karst (1,750 m above the sea). The relatively small, deeply folded limestone massif of the Kozie Chrbty 2 km long and 300 m wide, contains a lot of passages inside spread over by now known 14 levels and two parallel branches. Underground labyrinth has the measured length of 19,885 m and depth 324 m at present. The biggest underground space - Bystrický Dome, is located on the 7th level at the depth of 180 m, having the volume of 52,500 m3.

One of the cave specialities is the occurrence of volcanic rocks of Cretaceous age infolded in the limestone strata. They appear in cave passages in several places where they show by red-brown or green colour. The volcanic rock contains lenses of agates of white-pink hue. Another speciality are the findings of bat bones, which appear almost everywhere and by which the cave received its name. Their age is estimated to 6,000 years. Skeleton remains of martens, bears and goats were found in the entrance parts of the cave.

The average air temperature of the cave is +3,5 °C, however some seasonally glaciated parts have the annual average only +1 °C. Air flow movement reaches 5 m/s because of the open character of the cave.

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International Year of Caves and Karst

The Slovak Caves Administration is joining the effort of the International Union of Speleology to celebrate the year 2021 as the International Year of Caves and Karst.

Show caves closed

Dear visitors, we regret to announce you that our show caves are closed until further notice in response to the Corona-virus spread. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Underground boat trip in Domica Cave not available.

24.07.2018 Due to low yield of underground water the boat trip in Domica Cave is not available. The short tour is available.

Thank you for understanding

Cave visit with small children

Dear visitors, due to increased visitation of parents with very small children (circa up to 3 - 4 years of age), we would like to kindly ask you to have a rucksack baby carrier with you for visiting the more demanding caves in given time. This recommendation concerns all caves but the most concerned are the following ones: Demänovská Cave of Liberty, Belianska Cave, Dobšinská Ice Cave, Demänovská Ice Cave, Harmanecká Cave. We also ask you to consider visiting the cave with your crying child, which could disturb the other visitors. Thank you for understanding and we wish you a nice experience.


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