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Štátna ochrana prírody

International Show Caves Association - 6th Congress

October 18 – 23, 2010

Demänovská Valley, Slovakia

Abstracts and Excursion Guide

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  • Introduction to Slovakia
  • Karst and Caves in Slovakia
  • Congress Venue and Surrounding
  • General Programme
  • Abstracts
  • ISCA Draft Management Guidelines for Show Caves
  • New ISCA Website
  • Excursion Guide

COVID admission regime for show caves

Dear visitors

due to dynamically changing situation in Slovakia, we shall keep you updated on application of COVID AUTOMAT with respect to individual show caves. The caves can be entered only with covered mouth and nose and they will be operated either in the BASIC or VTO or completely vaccinated regime. The basic regime means admission of all visitors with possible restriction of number and VTO regime means admission of either only fully vaccinated or negatively tested or those who overcame COVID not later than 180 days ago. The level of risk zone on the other hand sets the rules for wearing either a face mask or a respirator.


Dear visitors, our show caves are opened again from May 15, 2021 under the following restrictions: visitors must wear a face mask, disinfect hands and keep the required distance from each other. Details are stated in official country regulations and legislature. The number of visitors per admission is reduced. Thanks for understanding. We wish you a pleasant visit!

Underground boat trip in Domica Cave not available.

24.07.2018 Due to low yield of underground water the boat trip in Domica Cave is not available. The short tour is available. Thank you for understanding

Cave visit with small children

Dear visitors, due to increased visitation of parents with very small children (circa up to 3 - 4 years of age), we would like to kindly ask you to have a rucksack baby carrier with you for visiting the more demanding caves in given time. This recommendation concerns all caves but the most concerned are the following ones: Demänovská Cave of Liberty, Belianska Cave, Dobšinská Ice Cave, Demänovská Ice Cave, Harmanecká Cave. We also ask you to consider visiting the cave with your crying child, which could disturb the other visitors. Thank you for understanding and we wish you a nice experience.

Cave tour guides for download

Dear visitors, cave tour guides are available for download


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